The importance of sustainable materials and recycling

Vølv mainly takes inspiration from nature and folklore. I want to honor nature and the fairytales it holds. Therefor I only use natural, organic or recycled materials. All crocheted designs are made with 100% organic Icelandic wool. And some with second hand wood buttons.

I also sell recycled bottle cap jewelry. The bracelets are primarily knotted with jute yarn, which is a natural fibre produced sustainably. The jute plant is strong and does not need pesticides or fertilizer. Other than that, it uses far less water than, for example cotton. 

The earth is glowing and by using recycled materials we not only save resources but also save the energy used in production of new materials and products. Bottle caps that would otherwise just be thrown in the bin or on the street is an obvious choice. 

Vølv strives to make recycling and sustainability fun and colorful, so that neither nature nor life become too boring.