About Vølv

I have a big love for nature and I see a lot of magic in it. I am also a huge fan of fantasy and nordic folklore.

With crochet as my main focus I create magical garments and accessories with a natural and authentic feel.

I experiment with the craft and i am constantly finding new techniques and ideas. All my crocheted designs are made from 100% Icelandic organic wool (some also have second hand wood buttons).

Other than that, Vølv actually started with a main focus on used bottle caps. I still have a love for recycling so the bottle cap jewelry is still available on my webshop. I strive to make recycling and sustainability fun and colorful, so that neither nature nor life become too boring. Every bracelet is knotted using natural fibres such as jute, linen or hemp. The hook on all earrings is made of nickel-free steel.

All the packaging is made of either recycled cardboard or recycled paper. 

Vølv and the North

 In nordic mythology and the viking age, Vølv or vølve was a seer, with knowledge in sejd. A respected wise woman, from which people sought advice and healing.